In the media world we often say that content is king and nothing replaces a good idea. No matter how innovative the medium, technologies and modernities become, it will always come down to a concept originated from thought, and sparking synapse sensations. It’s what distinguishes us from the earthworm: criticism, theory, thought, and creative banter around innovative ideas. For us it’s the intelligent debate that is king, and also an imperative and civic right. It’s what got us started one late spring day while driving down the Pacific Coast Highway, and having a conversation about “new” and “old” media,  the civic role and education. We decided to create this non-profit organization  as a collaboration effort to put our ideas into actions. We called it Global Civic Media.

What are the polarities between the individual and the environment? Are we mere sheep when it comes down to ideas? Is our body a mere technology? Why is Thoreau so contemporary? Technology transcends human limitations but what is truly fulfilling? Before it was a clock in the continuum. Imagine television or any digital signal inspiring the best in people. Should we make small paradises within the large failures? What keeps us young? What is truly a global message, now that we’ve definitely become a global village? We’re civic critics of people who attempt to make nothing but memes through spectacle.

This was the basis of our decision to form our NGO, Global Civic Media, a tiny entity full of good intentions dedicated to develop and discuss the pedagogy of the new global civic culture in activities outside the typical academic realm, using the new mathematics of social computing, the civic body, digital media and arts.

Phillip Baldwin is a professor of design and digital media, specialized in telecommunications technology and pedagogy with institutional architectural, and urban projects. He teaches at Stony Brook University, NY; and conducts study abroad workshops in South Korea, Italy, Singapore, India, Japan, and Tanzania. He also maintains a Design practice in New York City and has worked on many Theater, Opera, Music Videos, Film, Interior Design, Graphic Design, and Television Projects, including off Broadway Productions. Phillip is an MFA from Yale University, and is the author of Rock Paper Scissors.

Jacqueline Cantore is a creative television executive always on the vanguard of media trends. She has launched over 11 channels worldwide, developed, acquired and scheduled shows all over the world; and has been promoting new talent in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, India, Spain, Italy, US and Japan. She majored in Communications in her native Brazil, developed a brief career in journalism writing for teenage magazines; and started in television, her biggest passion, at a very young age. She worked mostly for corporate organizations such as Viacom and News Corp; and is most comfortable communicating with youth, in educational, empowering and aspirational projects. With the ever changing media ecosystem, and her keen eye for cultural trends, most recently Jacqueline ventured into the world mobile applications and smartphones creating a web-based collaborative environment called App-loaded, and is working on a digital TV museum. Probably will never drop her television projects, way more than a “day job”.