Media, Education, and Business Development

What are the new means of disseminating information? What are the new things that the kids seem to be using that seem so daunting and superficial to use in the technological bells and whistles? Does it all lead to a society of the ADD? We are working on programs and online delivery that will integrate the ‘free’ social media forums online with a rigorous curriculum. Immersive environments, mobile media, augmented realities are no longer confined to science fiction…they are here…. yet what is a gimmick? What is a mere gadgets and what is a new type of telecommunications media that could save lives or start a revolution? With entities such as ‘grant group forum’ we will work on a discussion of project pedagogy, find funding using a server such as and understand why and how we pay too much for brick and mortar institutions in the world of unregulated commodity markets and welfare states. We aim at a new ‘lean and mean’ form of social equity.

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