Inovacion en Pegagogia Chile

SENTIENT surveillance: a new project.
Senti and surveillance is a new project using the open BCI equipment, in combination with Max/jitter to develop a means of moving a surveillance camera around in a space. With sentient surveillance we have adopted the McLuhan division, the semiotic Square of extension, reversal, retrieval, and obsolescence. With the extension of the surveillance media we propose that a human attribute, ability or experience enhances or intensifies some original proposition. This could be a light, a cigarette, a flashlight, a voice to text recording, a car ignition.
It implies that a second property proposition is a type of reversal, Or what opposite or complementary form a medium takes when pushed to its limit. In the case of the flashlight this proposes the antiaircraft Searchlight of World War II, the bright lights of the city, and the monumental lights of the 911 Memorial. The retrieval revives or bring backs from the past a new way of thinking or using of a media device in certain quadrants of opposition. In the case of the flashlight it brings back the campfire, the protection of the campfire, also the communion of the campfire which is the illuminated faces surrounding the cooking food, and the fire that wards off the predatory animals. In the case of the surveillance camera this opens up the ever watchful eye of the sentinal.
In the last aspect obsolescence: this is what does weaken, remove, or make unnecessary of any proposed media. In this case we talk of the flashlight, it removes the aspect of fumbling in the dark, of remaining vulnerable to predators, to the darkness, and it proposes that electric light will seek out and search items that it wishes to pinpoint.
In this case we propose the surveillance camera as a new media device. The surveillance camera is unique because it upholds a number of properties, it extends the sensitivity of the subject of protecting their property, it adds an expectation, a sense of innate ‘culpability’ and especially some other self surveillance feature to the fact of the subject protecting their property. From whom? It reverses into a notion of a vigilant watch person, a watchman or a sentinel. Someone that presumes that anything will attack a central core. It heightens a fact that human consciousness is always ‘on’ when it is awake as a natural state against predation. We have in this the central core of vigilance, and something that is always on. What is always on is our consciousness as a animal in predation, against a predator. When we are not asleep, we were always on. This is a statement of the on-ness or the off-ness of consciousness. This new surveillance camera presumes the on-ness of pure data uptake. Or archival storage, Or cloud assemblage.
What is obsolescence as the fourth category? in this semiotics square it is a type of conscious need for a vigilance. It obsolesces a type of culpability in its constant looking , seeking, because all is culpable that enters the field of vision. It obsolesces ballistic attack, cause anything that attempts to attack, with in the surveillance center, is counterattacked with pinpoint program of counter attack. it eradicates what the surveillance camera obsolesces and is both the cumulative data cloud of all who are culpable in a motive for attacking, to are foolish enough to simulate an attack. Those were foolish enough to prepare presuppose that everything is not within the purview of the surveillance camera, the panoptic on, the all surveilling, banal central will be met by the ubiquity of cameras and a ‘post facto’ retort. What it presupposes is that culpability itself is a given. What it presupposes in this banal collection, added to the algorithm, a propensity to crime, or pre-crime, and the detection of those who do not subscribe to the extension of the media of surveillance and the reversal of that media. As media theorists such as Baudrillard and Foucault have stated the psychology of auto- surveillance is a defining capacity of the current citizen.
What this project in sentient surveillance is that it is a hook up a Nero sensor, open BCI projects of 18+ sources and electrodes of the circuit board on the EEG, EKG, EMG, of the body and the task is to reroute this to a propensity to attack a central core or archive of placid knowledge. What this project does is suppose that the new technologies that extend the central nervous system will precipitate a reversal into just a fraction of retrieval of that “archive’ into tribalism.
In the first case, we have sentient surveillance which is attached to an mind that presupposes it will be attacked from a different quadrant. It presupposes, apart from the sleeping state which is memory enhancement, that it will and should be attacked. For this electronic media itself is an extension of the central nervous system. The scope of simultaneity and surveillance in the environment, all the environment, is information. It then collects this as an archive. The electronic surveillance media informs the central being, whether singularities in an individual or collective, and it is in the propensity of being attacked that it becomes ‘valuable’ as an archive. What this propensity gets reversed into, with the electronic media of surveillance, is the the realization of the individual who gets sent into caring about where, and in what quadrant they will be attacked in. What this electronic media retrieves is the subliminal audio,tactile, dialogue with a database assembling all possible, current, and future enemies penetrating a type of membrane to attack a system, an individual, or collective, an ARCHIVE. What this system of neuron-surveillance obsolesces is the segmented, visual, connected, analogical systems of finding the culpable. Who would dare attack? Or would this happen within?
Who would dare attack if this new real sensor is placed upon the sleeping individual? Who would dare attack if the collective archives makes a database of all those possible in the connected world, including cell phones? who would disagree with the central database? Therefore the sentient individual would go to the collective source finding the defensive position to sort out undesirable beings. As, in the case of many aspects of the internet now, this might be performed by an algorithm.
With the search engine this extends its access to information. What it reverses into is one document containing all that was ever written in the search engine serving as an index of possible contents, and serving as the next possible desire of search. What it retreats to as a medium in use is the ‘index’. What is obsolescence is the library. All databases are then willfully directed toward a purpose:
that of protecting archives and the implicit culpability of citizens. All databases become a simulation of a defensive system. All databases necessarily parse out the narrative of those who wish to attack the system. In this sentient surveillance system the camera searches, the database searches, the neuro-sensed individual searches, and all look for dissension within the system of perception. Which is the immense database itself.
This is the system to which the whistleblowers had been warning. This is a type of pre-crime space. This is a type of seeking algorithms not of ‘progress’ in society, but of stasis and culpability to which the camera will be looking for. And in these algorithms, and then the cameras will find this. As most of the world is surveyed by satellite, many of the cities are programmed with surveillance camera, and many of the social media are pushing subjects toward a narcissistic susveillance, the culpable will be found. And in this culpability they will achieve a type of opacity. They will be found. Their culpability will be in-determinant. But the waking and sleeping mind will determine where they exist.
In the future we will speak only in metaphor. Will this metaphor pertain to a constant state of surveillance and culpability? When metaphor extends its awareness of relations it will be a blend of human and machine. What a metaphor reverses into is an allegory or parallelism. What this retrieves is an understanding or meaning via a replay in another media. What the metaphor of sentient surveillance is is a simple simile, metonymy, or an overt saying, this is wrong that we presume all of society as culpable. What we determined to shift into and to determine to live into is the type of metaphor.