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The world has changed from even two years ago: whole institutions are restructuring and education needs to follow. GCM is that entity that will critically examine the ways and means of an effective, pervasive, meaningful and inexpensive ‘civic’ education.

What has also changed now is the capacity to deliver quality a meaningful education online and using ‘telematic’ means (the internet, cell phone, and other digital and mobile means of delivery).

Any true advancement in a society depends upon a pervasive public education program.

Class advancements and literacy make way for critical thinking, abilities to grapple with the present and future technology and a means to allow the average citizen to question their presence on earth. From the first competitive examinations held in ancient china to the fantastically expensive four year college in the U.S. education has often remained the ‘same’. We think it is time to rise to the occasion of the possibility of a global civic culture and allowing the free delivery of the means of a quality education.

There are the added features of mobile media and study abroad that expand the student traveler’s world up to unknown possibilities. We will consult with you and your institution to make that quality fit and transformance into the new telematic education.

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