Critical Transmedia # 8


This is a 8th book in the series of a critical take on our use of telematics and technology in general. From smart phones to laptops and mobile computing we examine ‘what this is doing to us’. In a largely technocratic culture are we driven to improve our lives, or further enslave ourselves to some hive mind as a ‘means of making horizontal’ in the face of a ‘dissipated plutocracy’. Do we live in ‘the Shallows’ because of the fundamental hard wired physiology of short term to long term memory? This is a quarterly journal that reflects upon daily uses of these thing. from Korea to Chile. where we can see a method of reflection deep enough to halt future dystopic uses of ‘these gadgets’. This is a book that looks at gadgets. It is a book written over the period of three months while lecturing on the themes within ‘Monkey King’, Poems of Rumi, and work within Conception, Chile with Mapuche bird talking shaman.